“It was a typical December day in Edinburgh; cold, damp melancholia had began to settle over the city as the day fell into darkness. Stanton grimaced against the chill, as he stepped off the bus at Wauchope Avenue, and headed to the Rex Launderette.

Young Spartan IIIIn the dank dusk, the bright lights of the Rex Launderette lit up the corner like a gaudy street fair.

Hacienda SunsetIn the growing darkness of the night, the women inside the launderette seemed to be more illuminated and lively than usual. Some sat hunched around rumbling shiny machines but most were laughing and chatting; animated limbs and big smiles.

Her Chameleon Nature

All works are Collage Xerox Art available for £20 each through House of Hyena – check out the Rex Launderette Collection HERE


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