Three Piece had spent a week in San Francisco in the summer of 1975 and had returned to Leith a changed man. Although he still wore his velvet three piece suit, Tracey thought he seemed a wee bit more exotic somehow. She had bumped into him and his mate outside The Leither Hotel and he had been telling her all about his trip:

“Aye, its amazing over there. They have a’ these hippies in the streets, like, playing the bongos and singing all day. Fuckin’ brilliant, man!”

San 3.jpg

Tracey smiled and looked him up and down, taking in his bellbottom flares and flowing mullet.

“You going to be playin’ the bongos in the street then, Three Piece?”

“Aye right! Naw, it wasnae just that. It was the whole vibe. It was like a revolution. And dinnae even get me started on the disco scene over there.”

“Aye? So you tryin’ to bring a bit of disco tae The Leither Hotel then, Three Piece?”

“Well, if you are going to have a wee dance with me, I might just have tae!”

Three Piece’s fat mate leaned over then and nudged her arm, “Aye, Three Piece is gonna turn this place intae San fuckin’ Leithfrisco!”


At this, they all laughed and Three Piece winked at Tracey, blowing her a kiss. Tracey just smiled and walked away, swinging her tassled leather bag and pushing blonde spikes out of her eyes.

San 2.jpg

She was a skinny blonde punk and was one half of the Pilrig Sisters. She had a fierce reputation in Leith but on her own was actually quite quiet. It was her sister who was the total nut-job.

San 1.jpg

She smiled as she thought about Three Piece and his San Leithfrisco Disco…she couldn’t see it taking off in the Leither Hotel. But who knows…



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