Xerox Art – from retro to innovation

Xerox Art is synonymous with revolution. When the first photocopiers appeared, they seemed like magic and of course, it was the artists who saw this as an amazing tool for art. From the hippy photocopy art of San Francisco in the 1960s, to Warhal and Basquiat in NY in the 1970’s, artists saw the advantage of being able to recreate relatively cheap copies of original art.

In the late 1970’s in Scotland, we had our own Punk and Post-Punk Bands making full use of xerox art as album covers, often colouring them in as black and white copies were cheaper to print.

Inspired by all of this retro creativity, House of Hyena thought it would be fun to take one of Norrie Harman’s digital images – “The Leither Hotel” roughly based on a hotel in Leith in the seventies and get 30 black and white xerox copies made. The result is a kind of manic night out at the Leither Hotel on a hot summers night in 1976 – a mix of graffiti, spray paint, oil paint and collage that makes you feel like you really have donned your kinky boots and got your disco on at The Leither…

The result is 30 original pieces of xerox art for £20 each. Enjoy….BUY HERE 




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